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Contractor Tool Rental

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Miscellaneous Contractor Tools​

  • 24 hour rental constitutes 8 hour run time
  • Week rental constitutes 40 hours run time
  • Rates and available equipment may change at any time
  • Equipment greater than 12,000 pounds, commercial delivery rates apply and rental is 24 hours or more

* Indicates Equipment Must Be Delivered

Whether it’s power tools, hand tools, painting equipment, plumbing fixtures, or any other tools required for construction, renovation, or maintenance tasks, renting these tools provides access to a wide range of high-quality equipment without the burden of ownership costs. With flexible rental terms and a diverse inventory, miscellaneous contractor tools rental services cater to a broad spectrum of project needs. Expert assistance from the rental company ensures that users can select the right tools for their specific tasks and operate them safely and effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or a DIY enthusiast, miscellaneous contractor tools rental services offer the convenience and efficiency required to successfully accomplish your projects.

  • Vibe Plow DW 255 SX
  • BC-1000 12″ Wood Chipper
  • Hole Hog Auger (6″/10″ bit)
  • 36″ Trencher
  • 48″ Trencher
  • Hand Held Auger (6″ bit)
  • SC-30TX Stump Grinder
  • SC-362 Stump Grinder
  • Sullair 185 Air Compressor
  • Light Plant 6000W Generators
  • 8000W Generator
  • Laser Level


What types of equipment can I rent from Smith Equipment Rental & Trailer Sales?

At Smith Equipment Rental & Trailer Sales, we offer a wide range of equipment for rental, including heavy machinery like excavators, loaders, and bulldozers, as well as landscaping equipment, aerial equipment, contractor tools, and miscellaneous tools such as power washers and tile saws.

How long can I rent the equipment for?

We provide flexible rental options to accommodate your specific project needs. Whether you need equipment for a few hours, a day, a week, or even longer, we can tailor the rental duration to suit your requirements.

Is the rental equipment well-maintained and in good condition?

Absolutely! We take great pride in maintaining our rental equipment to the highest standards. Our team of experts conducts regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that all equipment is in excellent working condition and ready to tackle your projects with efficiency and reliability.

Do you provide training on how to use the equipment?

Yes, we prioritize safety and want you to feel confident operating the rental equipment. We offer basic training on how to use the machinery and provide essential safety guidelines to ensure you can work with the equipment safely and effectively.

Can I rent trailers for transporting equipment or materials?

We don't rent trailers, but we offer a diverse selection of trailers for sale, but not rental. Some equipment, due to the weight category, requires Smith Equipment to deliver and return the equipment for rents.

How do I reserve equipment for rental?

Reserving equipment is easy! You can give us a call, visit our showroom, or contact us through our website to discuss your rental needs and make a reservation. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you in selecting the right equipment and ensuring a smooth rental process.

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